Wheelock Communities will dedicate to the Fairfax County Park Authority approximately 100 acres of the 164-acre property to be a PUBLIC park, ensuring PUBLIC open space is the predominate focus.

Hidden Creek site plan map


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Create a Grand PUBLIC park

We are proposing to create an approximately 100-acre PUBLIC park, dedicated to the Fairfax County Park Authority, ensuring Public Access for every Reston resident. We will also build and convey unmet public amenities to the Fairfax County Park Authority including:

  • Tennis complex with 8 – 10 indoor/outdoor courts
  • Inclusive park in the spirit of Clemyjontri Park
  • Senior Fitness Park
  • Garden of Remembrance
  • Dog Park


Other public amenities include:

  • W&OD Trailhead with facilities
  • 3-5 miles of new trails
  • Maintaining the existing Reston Association Blue Trail
Grand Public Park image 1 Grand Public Park

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Environmental Restoration and Stewardship

We will rejuvenate the environmental condition by:

  • Creating ponds and wetlands
  • Establishing new habitats for birds and wildlife
  • Revitalizing the stream
  • Extinguishing the right of use of Lake Anne water
Environmental Restoration Environmental Restoration

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Add a Mix of Diverse Housing

Our proposal will support the Reston founding principal for Housing Diversity by:

  • Building a variety of low rise, for sale housing and may include senior housing
  • Wheelock Communities is committed to providing both affordable and work force housing options within the community
Mix of Diverse Housing

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Provide Multi-Modal Transportation Improvements

Hidden Creek provides opportunities for connectivity to Lake Anne Village, Reston Town Center, Lake Fairfax Park, Plaza America, Wiehle-Reston East Metrorail Station and the W&OD Trail with 3 – 5 miles of additional bicycle and pedestrian pathways as well as opportunities for shuttle and transit connections.

Wiehle-Reston East Metro Station Multi Modal Transportation Options
Envision the Future