What, When, How

  • Wheelock purchased Hidden Creek Country Club in October 2017.
  • The property is 164 acres.

Through a collaborative process with the community,

  • Wheelock Communities is exploring changes to the private golf course that could provide the Reston community with an approximately 100-acre grand public park that is dedicated to the Fairfax County Park Authority.
  • Significant environmental benefits.
  • A diversity of new housing choices.
  • Multi-modal transportation improvements.

  • Wheelock Communities will convey to the Fairfax County Park Authority approximately 100-acres for a public park for all residents to enjoy.

In addition to conveying approximately 100 acres to the Fairfax County Park Authority as a public park, Wheelock Communities has stated it would provide the following amenities to the Park Authority:

  • Tennis complex with 8 – 10 indoor/outdoor courts
  • Inclusive park in the spirit of Clemyjontri Park
  • Senior Fitness Park
  • Garden of Remembrance
  • Dog Park

As well, Wheelock Communities will be providing:

  • W&OD Trailhead with facilities
  • 3-5 miles of new trails
  • Maintaining the existing Reston Association Blue Trail
  • Creating a pollinator/wildflower garden
  • Wildlife habitat area through land preservation and wetland creation

Wheelock Communities is committed to improving the environmental condition of the property and surrounding area by:

  • Restoring existing degraded streams
  • Creating ponds and wetlands for birds and wildlife habitat
  • Improving the environmental habitat upstream from Lake Fairfax Park
  • Extinguishing the right to use Lake Anne water (Currently Hidden Creek has the water rights to pump up to 150,000 gallons of water per day for irrigation use at the golf course)
  • Alleviating existing flooding problem from drainage area surrounding the Wiehle-Reston East Metrorail Station with Fairfax County Stormwater Pond improvements

  • Wheelock Communities has taken a unique approach and has started the process by working with the community to discuss options for preserving the vast majority of the property as a public park.
  • The exact number and type of housing has not been determined as Wheelock Communities is still very early in the planning process.
  • It is envisioned the developed portion will be low rise, for sale houses and may include senior housing.

  • Since Wheelock Communities purchased the private club, it has been working in partnership with the Reston community to explore potential changes to the property that could provide Reston with additional public amenities, environmental benefits and new housing choices.
  • Wheelock Communities engaged the community by creating a Focus Group consisting of more than 20 area residents representing diverse interests. The purpose of the Focus Group was to explore potential options for the property in an open dialogue. From this process, the grand park idea emerged.
  • Wheelock Communities has committed to an open dialogue with the community and will continue to engage the community in discussion on the property.

  • Wheelock Communities is in the process of determining the future of the property. It has engaged the community in discussion to help make that determination.
  • If changes are to occur, it will require a Comprehensive Plan Amendment and a rezoning. Wheelock Communities has not filed any requests for these at this time.

  • Charter Oak is 12 acres and has 262 apartments.
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