A Park for All

Family with small child walking through the park


Core Beliefs

From its inception, Reston has always been an inclusive community, a place to live, work, play and get involved. Robert E. Simon’s Founding Principles of Reston are core beliefs for the community’s residents and are at the heart of Wheelock Communities proposal.


kids playing on tree stumps



We have been exploring with the Reston community potential changes to the private golf and country club that could provide the Reston community with public open space, environmental benefits and new housing choices.

At the heart of our vision is the creation of an approximately 100-acre PUBLIC park dedicated to the Fairfax County Park Authority that offers needed public amenities to complete Reston.



Reston is a place like no other

We firmly believe in an open, public process and working in partnership with the community to envision the future of the property. We look forward to continuing the discussion with the community.

Envision the Future